Fatigue and the Festive Season

The festive season is exhausting for people as it is, so imagine how difficult it is for someone who has undiagnosed and therefore un-treated narcolepsy, a full-time job and 4 children! I always hosted Christmas lunch and to be honest I found having the family over for Christmas was a lot easier than having to go visit family on the day. Visiting family with food, kids and presents, having to tell the kids to take 1 new toy only as it was too difficult to watch where they left it amongst all of the new toys and discarded gift wrapping.

Due to the extreme sleepiness, a lot of the memories that I should have of those days are nonexistent which is sad, but I was relieved to find out once diagnosed that I have a very good reason for not remembering, at one point I feared dementia which to me would be a terrible way to live not knowing who the strange faces belonged to.

I fondly remember my eldest son Dan waking up his younger siblings and bringing them all in to my bedroom to wake me up by telling me that Santa had been, often followed by the next eldest Brad declaring that he had heard the reindeers’ on our tin roof during the night! I also remember the fact that I had been up basically all night wrapping presents and cooking Christmas food, and that I had possibly only managed to get to bed an hour or so before being awoken by excited voices.

The lost memories of my children I grieve more than anything, possibly due to having had my eldest pass at 16, he loved Christmas and his loss 2 weeks before it has ruined this day for me ever since. I am getting better at doing Christmas; I even put my tree up this year despite not having any children left at home. I suspect that the pending arrival of my very first grandchild (a boy) in early February is helping me to get the spirit back, I can’t wait to see this little man’s face every Christmas from the next onwards!

Season’s Greetings to all of my #waking-up-tired readers, may you all have a safe and happy New Year!


Published by Di Spillane

I am a musician who enjoys sharing the stories of other musicians, interviewing them to discuss their musical journey from its early beginnings right through to present day. I research, host, edit, and then release a weekly episode every Saturday morning. My listeners are musicians, music lovers, and people who enjoy listening to real stories about real people. It is a rare opportunity for a musician to discuss their entire journey with an interviewer who allows them to speak uninterrupted. Real people discussing Real stories is what Band It About is all about!

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