Raising Awareness Interview

On the lead up to this years World Narcolepsy Day, I was invited to be interviewed to discuss narcolepsy by Jo from my local community radio station PBAFM. Jo has a weekly program called The Kitchen Table, and every week she and her co host Pete chat with a variety of people about subjects that you might discuss with friends when sitting at the kitchen table.

This wasn’t my first interview with Jo, but it was the first time that I was able to get the audio to share with you. I found listeneing back to the interview interesting as I can hear how my speech changes as I gradually become more alert. The interview started at 1.30 which is often the time of day that I am battling through my excessive desire to sleep. Despite the time being a bit tricky for me, I was determined to go in to the station to help raise awareness, and share a part of my personal journey living with this often misunderstood rare disorder.

I must thank my wonderfully supportive partner for removing the song breaks throughout the interview for me, without his help my life would still remain more difficult than not!

I hope that you enjoy the interview, much thanks to Jo, Pete, and PBAFM for inviting me along, I look forward to joining The Kitchen Table again next year.

If you enjoy listening, please leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to hear more stories about my life as a narcoleptic.

PBAFM The Kitchen Table Interview Sept 16th, 2020

Published by Di Spillane

I am a musician who enjoys sharing the stories of other musicians, interviewing them to discuss their musical journey from its early beginnings right through to present day. I research, host, edit, and then release a weekly episode every Saturday morning. My listeners are musicians, music lovers, and people who enjoy listening to real stories about real people. It is a rare opportunity for a musician to discuss their entire journey with an interviewer who allows them to speak uninterrupted. Real people discussing Real stories is what Band It About is all about!

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